The Arab Society of Nuclear Medicine was inaugurated during the meeting of the ARASIA project: “strengthening Nuclear Medicine Applications through Education and Training to Help Fighting Non-Communicable Diseases in the Arab Asian member states“, held in Vienna on the 17th – 21st of November 2014. This inauguration was achieved by the national representatives of the participating Arab countries in this project.

The Executive committee was designated during the meeting and includes members from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Yemen. It was agreed that Amman, Jordan shall be the base for this society during the launching phase. A substantial collaboration was proposed and discussed with the IAEA, EANM, WFNMB, and AOFNMB.

The motive behind creating this society is to establish a nuclear medicine body across the
Arab world that is capable of improving the knowledge and the environment of the staff in the field and,
eventually, promoting nuclear medicine to the public.


The ARSNM hopes to act as a bridging mediator between countries in political
conflict so that the practice of Nuclear Medicine is unaffected by poor political ties.

Homogenize nuclear imaging and procedure expenses across
the different Arab countries so that patients from different countries & socioeconomic status can access
high quality healthcare, especially for non-communicable diseases.

The ARSNM is committed to bringing the highest standards of practice &
education to the region, which we believe can be achieved by working with regional authorities such as
the League of Arab States, the Council of Arab Health Ministers, & the Arab Board of Health
Specializations. We aim to achieve recognition of the nuclear medicine specialty within the
corresponding scientific councils.


To establish co-operation between Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging professionals, groups and societies active in the field of nuclear medicine in the Arab world.

To cooperate and affiliate with the regional and international established nuclear medicine societies in the region and the world.

To organize whatever commissions and meetings are necessary to attain such objectives, in particular convening specialists in Nuclear Medicine.

To facilitate the exchange of scientists between the member groups, societies and associations.


You are welcome to join our growing family.

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