Conduction of educational and mentorship programs, which provide training sessions and workshops to professionals in their respective fields. This may serve to update their qualifications or introduce new technologies and areas of practice.

– Presentation of thematic conferences to their members, which may be jointly held with other professions or users to discuss advances and issues in their current practice.
 Distribution of brochures and organization of exhibits that explain and promote the role and benefits of archives to society at large.
 Assignment of a period during which special events are held to promote the value and utility of archival holdings.

Promotion of the interests and needs of professionals by lobbying governments and organizations for the implementation of legislation necessary to support certain programs.

Publication of newsletters to update members on issues and transmission of the activities of the executive committee. Often, they publish a journal that provides a forum for in-depth and intellectual treatment of archival work. Meetings are also an important means of constructive exchange among members.
 The ARSNM can contribute to the development of professionals by expanding their horizons beyond their home institutions, which may aid in their participation as decision makers. The former can also offer professional alternatives for its reflection and provide professional guidelines on specific problems.


    Note: Registration fees will be waivered for any member who join before 15th of November